AVOP Permits


All application and testing procedures to obtain and maintain an AVOP are handled through the Duty Managers and the Pass Office on behalf of the Airport CEO. The testing procedure for a D/A AVOP consists of a  multiple choice exam and a driven exam. Written exams must be scheduled in advance by your employer and the driven portion will not be scheduled until the written exam is passed. All AVOP driven exams are weather pending and may be cancelled at the discretion of the examiner. New Employees obtaining an AVOP must register before their written exam.   Please contact your Airport Employer to book your AVOP appointments.  For any other AVOP appointments please contact the Duty Managers at dmanager@skyxe.ca or 306-975-4013. 

D/T and full D Airside Vehicle Operators Permits are only issued with special permission from the Airport CEO or Manager of Public Safety and Risk.

AVOP's from other Canadian airports are not valid at Skyxe. If you require an AVOP while on site, please contact the Pass Office to arrange a familiarization drive with our Duty Managers, after which a Skyxe AVOP will be issued.