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Skyxe has several opportunities to promote your business at the Airport.



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With exposure to 1.4 million passengers annually, your business would look good here. We have retail space opportunities in both our pre-security and post-security areas.

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Our success is a direct reflection of our community’s success and a large part of our success is the businesses and commercial developments that have made the Airport their home. Businesses can lease land from the Airport on a long-term basis, which allows the tenant the opportunity to develop and construct facilities to meet their own needs.

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PATTISON Outdoor Advertising proudly takes care of all of the interior and exterior advertising at Saskatoon Airport. For more information on how you can advertise with us, check out this video.

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Saskatoon Airport Zoning Regulations

Saskatoon Airport Zoning Regulations are a Federal Regulation made pursuant to the Aeronautics Act. The purpose of these regulations is to protect the ongoing viability of airspace adjacent to the airport for arrivals and departures to be conducted in a safe manner. Obstacle Limitations Surfaces as defined by Saskatoon Airport Zoning Regulations restrict the height of objects (both natural and man-made) in and around the airport in order to achieve this level of safety.

The following definitions describe the major components of the Saskatoon Airport Zoning Regulations;

  • Airport Reference Point: a point in the approximate geometric centre of the aerodrome which defines the centre of the Outer Surface and which has an assigned elevation equal to the lowest point on the runway surfaces.
  • The following describes the 3 obstacle limitation surfaces (as shown in yellow on the diagram found here) which restrict both natural and man-made objects surrounding the airport:
    • Outer Surface: an irregular shaped surface which surrounds the airport to an approximate distance of 4km from the centre of the Airport Reference Point. This surface restricts building heights to 45m above the assigned elevation of the Airport Reference Point. The elevation of the Aerodrome Reference Point is set at 500.23 msl.
    • Take-Off/Approach Surface: is an imaginary trapezoidal surface with 1:50 slope which extends out 15,000m from the ends of each runway strip. The elevation of the beginning of the Take-Off/Approach surface is equal to the elevation of the runway threshold which it serves.
    • Transition Surface: is an imaginary complex shaped surface with 1:7 slope which extends out from the edge of each runway strip and along side of the associated Take-Off/Approach Surface (perpendicular to the centerline and extended centerline of the runway) and extends upwards to a point 45m above the assigned elevation of the Airport Reference Point.‚Äč

For further information regarding the interpretation and application of Saskatoon Airport Zoning Regulations, please contact Regulatory Compliance at 306-975-6465.


Fees & Charges

Saskatoon Airport Authority has a publicly stated objective to be a low cost airport for both passengers and airlines. As such, our fees are among the lowest in the Canada.

Our success in achieving our low cost airport objective while delivering a quality service to our customers is reflected in the current Schedule of Rates and Charges.

(PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, click here to download a free copy of the Reader.)

Fees and Charges
2023 Fees & Charges


The fixed-base operators at Saskatoon Airport provide business and itinerant aircraft refueling, temporary parking and executive passenger lounges, deplaning and enplaning services. Our fixed based operators include Kreos Aviation, Shell, and Aero Logistics America.

Skyxe Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Services accommodate aircraft category 6 (aircraft length 28-39 metres long, maximum 5 metres wide) between the core hours of 0630 – 2400. Seasonal requirements are adjusted to accommodate airline schedules.

The Airport has two runways (09/27, 15/33) with ILS, BC, VOR and NDB approach aids. The runways terminal apron and taxiways have pavement load rating of 11. The general aviation taxiways and aprons have a pavement load rating of 8.

Our Nav Canada Air Traffic Control Tower and Flight Service Station operates 0600 to 2245 in the summer months and 0645 to 2245 in the winter. Transport Canada Civil Aviation is also present at the Airport.

Contract support services include: customer service for domestic and international flights; flight kitchen; ground support services; transient maintenance support; refueling services.

For information on Saskatchewan Aviation Council click HERE.

For information on Saskatoon Airport Navigation and Landing Aids, click HERE.