Please note: Jun 19, 2019 - Come early! Due to baggage system life-cycle upgrades and renovations in the check-in area, please allow additional time prior to your flight to drop your bags at the bag drop. More


Times may change without knowledge or notification to the Saskatoon Airport. In the event of a schedule discrepancy, please contact the airline directly.

Last updated: July 22, 2019 at 11:35 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC8580Calgary08:03 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto09:10 AMArrived
West JetWS3396Calgary09:20 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8016Regina,Ottawa09:50 AMArrived
West JetWS3226Edmonton09:59 AMArrived
West JetWS321Toronto10:44 AMArrived
West Wind AviationWEW605JL211:00 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8736Vancouver11:29 AMCancelled
West JetWS3368Calgary11:35 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC1123Toronto1:29 PMArrived
West JetWS688Vancouver1:33 PMArrived
West JetWS3192Calgary1:39 PMArrived
Delta AirlinesDL4820Minneapolis3:14 PMArrived
West JetWS278Calgary3:03 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary3:52 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8486Edmonton4:27 PMArrived
West JetWS3274Edmonton4:39 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver4:44 PMCancelled
Air CanadaAC2074Vancouver4:57 PMArrived
West JetWS3234Winnipeg6:33 PMArrived
West JetWS3380Calgary6:40 PMArrived
Transwest4T503Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing,La Ronge,Prince Albert7:55 PMArrived
West JetWS3370Calgary7:54 PMArrived
Delta AirlinesDL4810Minneapolis8:56 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary10:30 PMArrived
West JetWS3276Edmonton9:05 PMArrived
West JetWS323Toronto9:24 PMArrived
West JetWS452Calgary9:32 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8083Toronto9:39 PMArrived
Transwest4T281Stony Rapids,La Ronge,Prince Albert10:30 PMArrived
West JetWS600Calgary11:55 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:53 AMArrived
Last updated: July 22, 2019 at 11:35 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromEstimatedStatus
West JetWS3275Winnipeg07:32 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8580Calgary08:15 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto09:12 AMArrived
West JetWS3396Calgary09:30 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8016Regina,Ottawa10:42 AMArrived
West JetWS3226Edmonton10:00 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8736Vancouver11:17 AMArrived
West JetWS3368Calgary11:29 AMArrived
Air CanadaAC8584Calgary12:39 PMArrived
West JetWS262Calgary1:15 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC1123Toronto2:41 PMArrived
West JetWS688Vancouver1:37 PMArrived
Transwest4T103Stony Rapids,Fond-Du-Lac,Prince Albert2:10 PMArrived
Delta AirlinesDL4820Minneapolis2:32 PMArrived
West JetWS3278Calgary3:29 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary3:48 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8486Edmonton4:09 PMArrived
West JetWS4079Fort MacKay3:58 PMArrived
Transwest4T802Uranium City,Stony Rapids,Prince Albert4:30 PMArrived
West JetWS3274Edmonton4:47 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver4:46 PMArrived
West JetWS3234Winnipeg6:23 PMArrived
West JetWS3380Calgary6:49 PMArrived
Transwest4T503Wollaston Lake,La Ronge,Prince Albert7:05 PMArrived
West JetWS3370Calgary7:56 PMArrived
Delta AirlinesDL4810Minneapolis8:54 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary9:06 PMArrived
West JetWS3276Edmonton9:05 PMArrived
West JetWS323Toronto9:21 PMArrived
West JetWS452Calgary9:23 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8083Toronto9:58 PMArrived
Transwest4T281Stony Rapids,Prince Albert10:10 PMArrived
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:58 AMDelayed
Last updated: July 22, 2019 at 11:35 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromEstimatedStatus
West JetWS600Calgary02:51 AMDelayed
West JetWS3275Winnipeg07:38 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8580Calgary08:15 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto09:09 AMOn Time
West JetWS3396Calgary09:31 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8016Regina,Ottawa09:38 AMOn Time
West JetWS3226Edmonton10:05 AMOn Time
West JetWS321Toronto10:46 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8736Vancouver11:29 AMOn Time
West JetWS3368Calgary11:35 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8584Calgary12:30 PMOn Time
West JetWS262Calgary1:21 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1123Toronto1:29 PMOn Time
Transwest4T103Stony Rapids,Fond-Du-Lac,Prince Albert1:40 PMOn Time
West JetWS688Vancouver1:40 PMOn Time
Delta AirlinesDL4820Minneapolis2:38 PMOn Time
West JetWS3278Calgary3:36 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary3:50 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8486Edmonton3:54 PMOn Time
West JetWS3274Edmonton4:40 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver4:44 PMOn Time
West JetWS3234Winnipeg6:28 PMOn Time
West JetWS3380Calgary6:46 PMOn Time
Transwest4T503Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing,La Ronge,Prince Albert7:55 PMOn Time
West JetWS3370Calgary8:06 PMOn Time
Delta AirlinesDL4810Minneapolis9:07 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary9:10 PMOn Time
West JetWS323Toronto9:16 PMOn Time
West JetWS452Calgary9:21 PMOn Time
Transwest4T281Stony Rapids,Prince Albert9:40 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8083Toronto9:42 PMOn Time
West JetWS3276Edmonton9:45 PMOn Time
West JetWS600Calgary12:01 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:49 AMOn Time

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