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Times may change without knowledge or notification to the Saskatoon Airport. In the event of a schedule discrepancy, please contact the airline directly.

Last updated: January 17, 2020 at 10:15 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air Canada RougeRV1542Toronto10:15 AMCancelled
SunwingSWG216Puerto Plata,Cayo Coco06:00 AMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4488Minneapolis1:20 PMDeparted
West JetWS601Calgary06:22 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary07:01 AMDeparted
West JetWS3209Edmonton06:38 AMDeparted
Transwest4T301Regina07:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS506Toronto07:22 AMDeparted
West JetWS689Vancouver06:58 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:47 AMDeparted
Transwest4T102Prince Albert,La Ronge,Stony Rapids07:15 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG483Regina,Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo08:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS607Calgary08:52 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8591Calgary10:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS3244Winnipeg09:59 AMDeparted
West JetWS3379Calgary11:21 AMDeparted
West JetWS3211Edmonton11:56 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto1:10 PMDeparted
Transwest4T502Prince Albert,La Ronge,Wollaston Lake1:00 PMDeparted
West JetWS3369Calgary1:12 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8587Calgary2:50 PMDeparted
Transwest4T280Prince Albert,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids2:45 PMDeparted
West JetWS263Calgary5:46 PMDeparted
Transwest4T307Regina4:00 PMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4561Minneapolis5:28 PMDeparted
West JetWS3267Edmonton4:41 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1130Toronto5:45 PMDeparted
West JetWS1936Las Vegas5:23 PMDeparted
West JetWS3249Calgary7:51 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary6:35 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC7104Montreal8:00 PMCancelled
Air CanadaAC8487Edmonton6:20 PMDeparted
West JetWS3247Calgary8:51 PMDeparted
West JetWS3235Edmonton7:37 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg10:39 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8575Vancouver9:15 PMDeparted
West JetWS3371Calgary10:01 PMDeparted
Last updated: January 17, 2020 at 10:15 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC1542Toronto06:00 AMDeparted
Air Canada RougeRV1542Toronto06:00 AMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4488Minneapolis06:24 AMDeparted
West JetWS601Calgary06:24 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary06:56 AMDeparted
West JetWS3209Edmonton06:38 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG529Puerto Vallarta07:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS506Toronto09:14 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:36 AMDeparted
Transwest4T102Prince Albert,Stony Rapids07:15 AMDeparted
Transwest4T801Prince Albert,Points N. Landing,Wollaston Lake,Stony Rapids,Uranium City08:30 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG181Regina,Mazatlan08:30 AMDeparted
West JetWS607Calgary08:41 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8591Calgary10:45 AMDeparted
West JetWS3244Winnipeg10:40 AMDeparted
West JetWS3379Calgary11:15 AMCancelled
Transwest4T402Prince Albert,Wollaston Lake,Fond-Du-Lac11:30 AMDeparted
West JetWS3211Edmonton12:03 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto12:46 PMDeparted
Transwest4T502Prince Albert,La Ronge,Wollaston Lake1:00 PMDeparted
West JetWS3369Calgary1:50 PMDeparted
West JetWS1978Orlando3:25 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8587Calgary2:54 PMDeparted
Transwest4T280Prince Albert,La Ronge,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids2:45 PMDeparted
West JetWS3193Calgary3:27 PMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4561Minneapolis4:20 PMDeparted
West JetWS3267Edmonton4:39 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1130Toronto8:00 PMDeparted
West JetWS3249Calgary6:15 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary6:45 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8487Edmonton6:10 PMCancelled
West JetWS3247Calgary8:09 PMDeparted
West JetWS3235Edmonton8:20 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg8:47 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8575Vancouver9:05 PMDeparted
West JetWS3371Calgary9:25 PMDeparted
Last updated: January 17, 2020 at 10:15 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC1542Toronto06:00 AMOn Time
Air Canada RougeRV1542Toronto06:00 AMOn Time
Delta AirlinesDL4488Minneapolis06:24 AMOn Time
West JetWS601Calgary06:30 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary06:35 AMOn Time
West JetWS3209Edmonton06:45 AMOn Time
West JetWS506Toronto07:45 AMDelayed
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:10 AMCancelled
SunwingSWG291Cancun08:00 AMOn Time
SunwingSWG495Regina,San Jose Del Cabo08:00 AM
West JetWS3289Calgary08:45 AMOn Time
West JetWS2422Cancun09:15 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto12:20 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC7106Toronto12:30 PMOn Time
West JetWS3253Calgary12:30 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8587Calgary2:20 PMOn Time
West JetWS1924Phoenix4:25 PMOn Time
West JetWS3249Calgary5:25 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary6:20 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8585Calgary6:20 PMOn Time
West JetWS3235Edmonton7:45 PMOn Time
West JetWS3266Winnipeg8:10 PMOn Time
West JetWS3247Calgary8:35 PMOn Time

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