Times may change without knowledge or notification to the Saskatoon Airport. In the event of a schedule discrepancy, please contact the airline directly. Please refresh your browser to update flight information.

Last updated: May 25, 2022 at 11:41 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
West JetWS324Toronto05:51 AMDeparted
West JetWS607Calgary06:54 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8073Calgary07:29 AMDeparted
Rise Air4T502Prince Albert,Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing09:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS3379Calgary09:56 AMDeparted
West JetWS4072Firebag10:17 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto11:10 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8503Vancouver11:43 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8077Calgary12:30 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8545Montreal1:18 PMDeparted
West JetWS3193Calgary2:16 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1124Toronto3:05 PMFinal Call
West JetWS3249Calgary4:12 PMDeparted
West JetWS9961Calgary4:32 PMDeparted
West JetWS3267Edmonton6:08 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8079Calgary5:00 PMCancelled
Air CanadaAC8507Vancouver5:57 PMDeparted
West JetWS545Calgary6:03 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg7:08 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1126Toronto7:00 PMDeparted
West JetWS3371Calgary8:47 PMDeparted
Last updated: May 25, 2022 at 11:41 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
West JetWS607Calgary07:58 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8073Calgary07:37 AMDeparted
Rise Air4T102Prince Albert,Stony Rapids08:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS3379Calgary09:53 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto11:20 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8503Vancouver12:00 PMDeparted
Rise Air4T280Prince Albert,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids1:30 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8077Calgary12:34 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8545Montreal1:55 PMDeparted
West JetWS689Vancouver2:10 PMDeparted
West JetWS3193Calgary2:16 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1124Toronto2:50 PMDeparted
West JetWS3249Calgary4:18 PMDeparted
West JetWS3267Edmonton5:03 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8079Calgary5:45 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8507Vancouver6:03 PMDeparted
West JetWS545Calgary6:03 PMDeparted
Flair AirF8512Toronto7:35 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg10:05 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1126Toronto7:01 PMDeparted
Flair AirF8290Vancouver8:15 PMDeparted
West JetWS3371Calgary8:33 PMDeparted

If you are a person with a disability and require specific information around flight schedules, call 306-975-8900 or email info@skyxe.caPlease refresh your browser to update flight information.  

Last updated: May 25, 2022 at 11:42 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
West JetWS324Toronto06:00 AMOn Time
West JetWS607Calgary07:00 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8073Calgary07:30 AMOn Time
Rise Air4T102Prince Albert,Stony Rapids08:00 AMOn Time
Rise Air4T502Prince Albert,Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing09:00 AMOn Time
West JetWS3379Calgary10:05 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto10:50 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8503Vancouver11:35 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8077Calgary12:35 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8545Montreal1:00 PMOn Time
West JetWS3193Calgary2:25 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1124Toronto2:45 PMOn Time
West JetWS3249Calgary4:05 PMOn Time
West JetWS3267Edmonton5:00 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8079Calgary5:00 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8507Vancouver5:50 PMOn Time
West JetWS545Calgary6:15 PMOn Time
West JetWS3266Winnipeg7:00 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1126Toronto7:00 PMOn Time
West JetWS3371Calgary8:35 PMOn Time
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