Please note: Oct 30, 2018 - Come early! Due to baggage system life-cycle upgrades, please allow additional time prior to your flight to drop your bags at the bag drop. More


Times may change without knowledge or notification to the Saskatoon Airport. In the event of a schedule discrepancy, please contact the airline directly.

Last updated: December 9, 2018 at 6:40 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC8581Calgary06:12 AMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4811Minneapolis06:35 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1120Toronto06:57 AMDeparted
West JetWS601Calgary06:48 AMDeparted
West JetWS506Toronto07:07 AMDeparted
West JetWS3209Edmonton07:00 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:30 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG539Regina,Cancun3:30 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary08:06 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG291Cancun08:15 AMDeparted
West JetWS3289Calgary09:01 AMDeparted
West JetWS2422Cancun09:09 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8585Calgary11:28 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto11:31 AMDeparted
West JetWS3253Calgary12:19 PMDeparted
West JetWS3249Calgary4:20 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8296Winnipeg4:43 PMDeparted
West JetWS1924Phoenix4:27 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary5:32 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1130Toronto5:36 PMDeparted
West JetWS3235Edmonton6:16 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8575Vancouver6:38 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg8:10 PMDeparted
West JetWS3247Calgary8:33 PMDeparted
Last updated: December 9, 2018 at 6:40 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC8581Calgary06:14 AMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4811Minneapolis06:15 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1120Toronto07:05 AMDeparted
West JetWS601Calgary06:48 AMDeparted
West JetWS506Toronto07:09 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG483Winnipeg,Puerto Vallarta07:00 AMDeparted
West JetWS689Vancouver07:21 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:49 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary08:07 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG618Varadero08:35 AMDeparted
West JetWS607Calgary08:57 AMDeparted
West JetWS3379Calgary11:12 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8585Calgary11:27 AMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto11:35 AMDeparted
SunwingSWG529Regina,Puerto Vallarta11:45 AMDeparted
Transwest4T280Prince Albert,La Ronge,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids12:00 PMDeparted
Transwest4T502Prince Albert,La Ronge,Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing1:00 PMDeparted
West JetWS3369Calgary1:13 PMDeparted
West JetWS3193Calgary2:59 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8587Calgary3:15 PMDeparted
Delta AirlinesDL4819Minneapolis3:30 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8296Winnipeg4:24 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8485Edmonton4:32 PMDeparted
West JetWS3249Calgary5:22 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary5:42 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC1130Toronto5:39 PMDeparted
West JetWS1936Las Vegas5:56 PMDeparted
West JetWS3235Edmonton6:07 PMDeparted
Air CanadaAC8575Vancouver6:33 PMDeparted
West JetWS3266Winnipeg8:10 PMOn Time
West JetWS3247Calgary8:25 PMOn Time
West JetWS3371Calgary9:40 PMOn Time
SunwingSWG9486Winnipeg10:55 PMOn Time
Last updated: December 9, 2018 at 6:40 PM
AirlineFlight #Going ToEstimatedStatus
Air CanadaAC8581Calgary06:00 AMOn Time
Delta AirlinesDL4811Minneapolis06:15 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1120Toronto06:40 AMOn Time
West JetWS601Calgary06:45 AMOn Time
SunwingSWG356Regina,Montego Bay07:00 AMOn Time
West JetWS3209Edmonton07:00 AMOn Time
West JetWS506Toronto07:00 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8577Vancouver07:15 AMOn Time
Transwest4T102Prince Albert,La Ronge,Stony Rapids,Fond-Du-Lac07:30 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8583Calgary08:00 AMOn Time
Transwest4T801Prince Albert,Points N. Landing,Stony Rapids,Uranium City08:30 AMOn Time
West JetWS607Calgary09:00 AMOn Time
West JetWS2422Cancun09:15 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8292Winnipeg09:30 AMOn Time
West JetWS3244Winnipeg09:35 AMOn Time
West JetWS3379Calgary11:15 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8585Calgary11:25 AMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1122Toronto11:25 AMOn Time
West JetWS3211Edmonton11:45 AMOn Time
Transwest4T502Prince Albert,La Ronge,Wollaston Lake1:00 PMOn Time
West JetWS3369Calgary1:10 PMOn Time
Transwest4T280Prince Albert,La Ronge,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids2:30 PMOn Time
West JetWS3193Calgary3:00 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8587Calgary3:05 PMOn Time
Delta AirlinesDL4819Minneapolis3:30 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8296Winnipeg4:25 PMOn Time
West JetWS1924Phoenix4:25 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8485Edmonton4:30 PMOn Time
West JetWS3249Calgary5:20 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8589Calgary5:25 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC1130Toronto5:30 PMOn Time
West JetWS4080Fort MacKay5:50 PMOn Time
West JetWS3235Edmonton6:15 PMOn Time
Air CanadaAC8575Vancouver6:25 PMOn Time
West JetWS3266Winnipeg8:10 PMOn Time
West JetWS3247Calgary8:25 PMOn Time
West JetWS3371Calgary9:40 PMOn Time
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