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Entries for September 2016

New Brand Name at the Saskatoon Airport!

The Saskatoon Airport is proud to announce its new brand, Skyxe (pronounced sky-ex-ee). While the legal entity name will remain Saskatoon Airport Authority, the airport operator will be known as Skyxe.

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Former Pre-Board Security

The former pre-board security area is in the process of being renovated. The new space will have a glass viewing wall that will allow you to wave good...

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Parking Lot Upgrades

The current P2 parking lot is currently being upgraded to serve you better. With upgrades including new pavement, the installation of LED parking lot ...

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Apron Upgrades

This isn’t the kind of apron that you find in your mom’s kitchen. An apron at an airport is the area where aircraft are parked, unloaded o...

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Aeropark Community Consultation Report

The Saskatoon Airport Authority has completed their review of the community consultation surveys and feedback regarding an Aeropark being developed No...

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