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Taxi Zone Fare – Flat Rate Map

Saskatoon, SK:  Effective January 17th, 2019, Skyxe Saskatoon Airport will introduce a Taxi Zone Fare – Flat Rate Map.Zone-based fares are a common industry practice among Canadian airports and help achieve the following benefits:

Provides fair and transparent pricing for our guests

Pre-set, reliable fares that have been developed based on average fares for each zone.

Focus on efficient routing

Peace of mind that your taxi driver is taking the most efficient route.

Removes traffic from equationVariability and stress of traffic eliminated as your fare is pre-set.


Skyxe Saskatoon Airport is a not-for-profit organization that generates revenue based on a user pay model.

*Note: The Taxi Zone Fare – Flat Rate Map pricing applies only to Skyxe licensed taxi providers and incorporates a $2.00 (gst included) airport taxi trip fee. The previous airport taxi trip fee on airport pick-up will no longer apply.

 Unlicensed providers will follow a meter rate as per City of Saskatoon Bylaw No. 9070.

Questions and Answers:

Why a set rate taxi fare zone system to and from Skyxe?

Zone rates are designed to provide airport travellers with “guaranteed and reliable” flat rates for taxi trips. It will offer certainty for travellers by letting them know how much their taxi fare will be in advance. It also eliminates any perception that taxi drivers will take a less efficient route to the destination to increase rates.

Who gets charged an airport taxi trip fee?

Taxi trip fees will apply to all airport licensed taxi vehicles utilizing the Skyxe commercial curb and is included in the zone-rate.

What is an airport taxi trip fee?

An airport taxi trip fee is a charge on each commercial airport trip that is used to reinvest into airport road/curb infrastructure, curbside operations and training programs for commercial service providers.

Why do airports charge trip fees?

Airports are not-for-profit organizations that generate revenue based on a user pay model. Commercial curb trip fees are reinvested into road/curbside infrastructure, curbside operations and training programs for curbside. By reinvesting this money into the curbside program, Skyxe can ensure a safe, friendly, well-managed curb with reduced congestion.

Is there a “free” way to access the airport?

The public curb remains free for drop offs and pick ups. Further, the airport doesn’t charge city transit (available at the public curb).

What do other airports do?

Trip fees are the industry standard for all major Canadian airports. All members of the Canadian Airport Ground Transportation Association (CAGTA) charge trip fees and other more comprehensive fee structures as basic cost recovery strategies for curbside operations

Zone Fares are the most preferred model by all CAGTA airports based on transparency of pricing. 80% of CAGTA members successfully employ zone fare model from the airport.

Are all taxi companies offering zone fares from the airport?

No. Only Skyxe Saskatoon Airport licensed taxi operators participate in the zone fares.

Why is there a difference in zone fares and meter pricing?

Significant analysis, averaging and comparisons went into establishing zone fares that are equitable to both the passengers and the driver, and are derived from the closest area in the zone. While traffic patterns impact meter pricing, zone fares take into account the average trip time and distance for each zone.  

If I am located on a line separating two zones, which will I be charged for?

If you are being taken to a street on a dividing line of two zones, you will be charged for the lower priced zone.

Is there a program to handle additional stops on a trip?

As described on the zone map, a passenger requesting a specific route will utilize the meter rate to determine the cost.

Is the Airport able to create zone fares as per city bylaws?

Yes, Skyxe Saskatoon Airport has the ability to set zone fares to and from the airport. In addition, Skyxe has shared its zone fare program with the City of Saskatoon for review prior to launching it to the public.

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