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Saskatoon Airport Authority Announces New Board Chairman

Retiring Board Member

Saskatoon Airport Authority announced the retirement of the Chair of its Board of Directors - Mr. Patrick Pitka.

Mr. Pitka has served on the Board since 2001, and has provided many years of effective service to the Board.

The Saskatoon Airport Authority has been very fortunate to have had an effective Board of Directors and I would like to extend their sincere thanks to Mr. Patrick Pitka for his very generous contribution and leadership.

Extension of Board Members Terms

The Saskatoon Airport Authority is pleased to announce the term extensions of the following Board Members.

The City of Saskatoon has nominated Ms. Nancy Hopkins and Mr. Peter MacKinnon for an additional term, expiring in 2012.

Appointment of Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson

The Saskatoon Airport Authority would like to welcome Ms. Nancy Hopkins as the new Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Ron Waldman as the new Vice-Chairperson.

Appointment of New Board Member

The Saskatoon Airport Authority has nominated Mr. Orlo Drewitz, C.A. to serve as a member of the Board of Directors effective May 6, 2009. Mr. Drewitz joins the Board replacing Mr. Pitka, whose term expired at the conclusion of the 2009 public annual meeting. Mr. Drewitz is currently a Partner with Hergott Duval Stack LLP and has all the qualifications and accounting skills the Board is looking for. Mr. Drewitz has extended his leadership and guidance role to several volunteer organizations and has a well respected reputation within the accounting industry. Orlo is an active member of both the Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission and the Professional Conduct Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan.

“On behalf of the Saskatoon Airport Authority, I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Mr. Drewitz the Board of Directors of the Saskatoon Airport Authority. With his professional expertise and strong community leadership, I am confident that he will be a definite asset to the Board” states Nancy Hopkins, the new Chair of the Board of Directors.

The Saskatoon Airport Authority is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to manage and operate the Saskatoon Airport in the best interest of the Community of Saskatoon. Members of the Authority Board are nominated by various organizations – The City of Saskatoon, The Rural Municipality of Corman Park No. 344, Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatoon Airport Authority. There are currently twelve members on the Board of Directors.


Bill Restall, President & Chief Executive Officer

Saskatoon Airport Authority (306) 975-6464 or Cell (306) 222-7838 or General Administration Office (306) 975-4274

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