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jetSet economy parking to open November 5! See map here.

ValetXE valet parking to open November 16! See map here.

Site Map

Site Map

StandardXE (Long-Term)

This parking lot is currently open. 

Previously our P1 parking lot, this is the main airport parking lot located just outside the main terminal building. With the convenience of being close and the amenities of free temperature controlled plug-ins, the Skyxe parking lot is a win-win for travelers wanting to leave their vehicle while away. Time for electrical plug-ins are cycled, dependent on temperature.

Click here for a map of this parking lot and how to access it.

ExpressXE (Short-Term)

The front rows of the main parking will have their own seperate entrance and this short-term parking lot will be perfect for the meeters and greeters or to make life a little bit easier for those travelers that have a whirlwind day and only need parking for one day. This parking lot is not yet open and is scheduled to open in late 2018.

Click here for a map of this parking lot and how to access it.

jetSet (Economy)

Located at the corner of 45th Street and Airport Road with shuttles and a walking trail to and from the air terminal building, jetSet is ideal for travelers looking for a lower cost parking option. Guests can access the airport through the walking trail that connects the jetSet parking lot to the main terminal building or by shuttle service. The jetSet shuttle will run approximately every 10 minutes during peak times based on flight schedules and on demand by using the shuttle call button located in the waiting booth. 

Please note that while the jetSet parking lot does have electrical charging stations for its guests with electric vehicles (on the south end of the parking lot), there are no traditional electrical stalls for use in winter months in this parking lot. 

Click here for a map of this parking lot and how to access it. 

ValetXE (valet & conceirge) 

This parking option will be available on Nov 16 at 9:00 AM.

Accessed through a designated door on the curb, ValetXE parking is perfect for those guests looking for a premier service or for those who are running late. ValetXE offers optional concierge services such as car washes and detailing. 

All ValetXE guests will proceed to the Commercial Curb and access the restricted area by pushing the button on the Commercial Curb column to have the access arm raised.

Click here for a map on how to access the ValetXE parking. 

Parking lot payment

Parking payments can be made in a few different ways:

  • In the terminal at one of the automated pay stations (cash, credit card, debit);

  • Parking lot express lanes (credit card, debit )


Having a free pick up from the Airport is one of the sweeter things in life. To help make the personal chauffeur comfortable, we have a complimentary cell phone ‘Park and Wait’ lot located on the right-hand side of the road as you approach the Airport on Airport Drive. Due to space restrictions at the pickup curb we kindly ask that drivers wait with their vehicles until their passenger has claimed their baggage and called for a ride. Passengers can then be picked up at the designated area curbside at the arrivals area of the terminal building.

Parking Lot Rates

Skyxe Saskatoon Airport is not responsible for parking rates listed on other websites.

Time StandardXE rates as of Nov 16 jetSet rates as of Nov 5 ValetXE rates as of Nov 16 ExpressXE rates 
Each half- hour or portion thereof $2.50 $2.00 n/a $2.50
Daily Maximum $16.00 $10.00 $30.00 $22.00
Weekly Maximum (any 7 consecutive day period) $112.00 $70.00 $210.00 $154.00
Lost Tickets Same daily rate applies. Same day lost tickets will be charged $4.00 upon verification.      

For more information call 306-934-PARK



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