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Construction Projects

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At Skyxe Saskatoon Airport, we are always looking to the future to ensure that our facilities and infrastructure meet the needs of our community. Skyxe will be getting a facelift in 2018, upgrading and changing the flow and operations of our exterior public curbside.


You’ve let us know that we can improve. With infrastructure more than 20 years old, capacity constraints on the curbside, and limited parking options, it’s time for a makeover. The construction of a multi-million dollar redesigned curbside will enhance our guest’s airport experience.

Public Traffic Efficiency

Providing two designated lanes and additional pick up and drop off areas for public transportation, such as City buses, valet, hotel shuttles, and taxi services.

Private Traffic Efficiency

Providing two designated lanes that will allow a larger and more efficient area for airport guests being picked up or dropped off by family or friends. A covered, secondary curb waiting area will be constructed between the public and private traffic lanes with ample seating.


Landscaping upgrades in the new curb area in front of the Air Terminal Building will provide outdoor seating for guests to relax in and a new fenced pet relief area.

New and Improved Parking Products

The completed curbside project will kick-off a new era of parking options at Skyxe.            


All airport customers will be affected by the curbside construction project in one way or another. Throughout the phasing of the project, there will be times where certain entrances/exits to the Air Terminal Building will be closed and traffic will be re-routed through the building. Signage inside the building will change as the project requires, with blue arrows on the floor helping to direct flow pre-security. Signage from the parking lot into the Air Terminal Building and vice-versa will be provided with clear instructions on entry and exit requirements. Covered passenger tunnels will be utilized to safely move guests through the construction zone. There will be limited space for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Please use our suggested tips and tricks below to reduce any additional travel stress that this project may cause. 

Arrive early. Skyxe suggests that you allow a bit of extra time when arriving at the airport.

Plan your parking in advance. Throughout the construction period, there will be a reduction in the amount of parking stalls located in the main P1 parking lot, however, our P2 parking lot is also accessible during construction. If you are unclear on the location of these options or want to ensure you know where to go on your travel day, we suggest that you review our site map.


Coming & Going

Providing a split curb will result in additional space to allow for a more efficient passenger pick-up and drop-off experience. Scroll through the images below to help visualize what the end results will be.  Improved landscaping will enhance options for guests and airport employees to utilize the grounds, as well as provide pet relief areas for our furry guests.

Diverse Parking Options

Upon completion of the curbside project, Skyxe will be able to provide an array of parking products to meet the needs of our expanding community.

Our brand-new valet service will include a drop-off and pick-up area directly in front of the building with its own lounge. This product will accommodate those guests looking for a premier service or to help those who are running late. Our valet service will have optional services such as oil changes and car detailing that will be completed while you are out of town.


Our standard parking service will be the same one that you’ve likely used in the past, located in front of the Air Terminal Building and commonly known as the main parking lot. This lot is perfect for short and long-term travelers who want the convenience of being close to the main terminal building.


Upon completion of the new curbside, Skyxe will have designated parking stalls located in the front rows of the standard parking lot to accommodate short-term parking needs. This area will be known as our express parking area.

Once our curbside construction is complete, the jetSet parking lot will be re-located to a new shuttle parking lot, found at the corner of Airport Drive and 45th Street. This economy parking lot will be ideal for travelers looking for a lower cost parking alternative.