Travelling in & to Canada

Some other Canadian provinces and territories do have quarantine restrictions. Passengers are responsible for knowing the rules of their final destinations. Please consult your airline or the provincial government website of your destination, for additional information.  There are no restrictions for travellers returning to Saskatchewan from another province. 

Permanent residents of Canada and US citizens who are fully vaccinated will need to download the ArriveCan app before they return to Canada. Then they need to upload their vaccination proof to the app before they return to Canada and show proof of a negative PCR test. 

These fully vaccinated travellers will not be required to quarantine upon arrival to Canada, however a quarantine plan must be prepared in advance in case it is deemed needed by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

For information about requirements for travellers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, please visit the  Government of Canada for the most up to date information.

Children under 12 do not have to quarantine upon arrival in Canada but must travel with a fully vaccinated adult, show a negative PCR test, and avoid large gatherings, school and daycare upon return.