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Full Body Scanner Imaging in place at Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker Airport

Saskatoon, SK: The Saskatoon Airport is one of select Canadian airports chosen by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) to use the new technology of Full Body Scanner (FBS) imaging.

The FBS system works by generating images of the body without contact between the screening officer and passenger. The enhanced technology has been developed to allow for the detection of items which may be concealed under clothing.

FBS provides a safe and effective method of screening but will only be used as an option for secondary screening after primary screening has been completed. “It’s important passengers understand it is only when they have triggered security screening equipment or have been randomly selected for secondary screening that the full body scanning comes into play”, states Bill Restall, President & CEO at the Saskatoon Airport, “…and in those instances, passengers will be informed they have a choice between a full body scan or a physical search.”

The technology works by projecting low-level radio frequency energy over and around the passenger’s body. The radio frequency energy emitted by the device is well within Canada’s guidelines for safe human exposure. The scanning process takes about five seconds and passenger privacy is protected throughout the scanning. Previously a trial period was held at Kelowna airport where the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada confirmed that privacy concerns have been appropriately addressed.

Airport traffic continues its upward trend with June setting a new record for the month. Traffic was up 6.4% for the month of June while year to date traffic is up 6.5%. All travel sectors (domestic and transborder) are reporting growth.

More information on the full body scanning process can be found at the

For further information contact:

Bill Restall
President & CEO
Saskatoon Airport Authority

Communications Contact:

Maxine Montgomery
Manager, Customer and Terminal Services

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